BARNEY | Meet the Bunnies

Hi guys! My name is Barnibus Maximus Swanus, but everyone just calls me Barney! (I think my name is some kind of joke- I am a small friendly rabbit not a Roman warrior!)

I was born sometime late in 2013, hoomin gave me the birthday November 26th.

Hoomin doesn’t know exactly where I came from, and I don’t remember either. I just remember being taken from my mum when I was small, and taken to a different hoomins house. They had chosen me and my brother together which was really nice as I was so scared in this new, strange place.

Everything was okay for a little while but then when I was about 3 months old my brother got mean and started trying to fight me 😦 I’m not sure why and it still makes me sad to this day but hoomin tells me it’s something to do with ‘hormones’ whatever they are…

Anyway the old humans got very mad at us fighting and decided they didn’t want us anymore. The took us to a Pets at Home store where the staff kindly agreed to rehome us for them. They split us up so we wouldn’t fight anymore and put us into seperate cages.

I was there for a few weeks just watching the smaller baby bunnies go to new homes, but no one wanted me because I was much bigger than them I think.

Some time in February, about 1 month after being dropped off, hoomin came into the store to look around. She saw me and my brother in our seperate cages and spent lots of time watching us and talking to us. I was so excited because no one had paid me so much attention for such a long time! I even stood on my back legs looking up at her, and licking the glass to show her how excited I was.

Sadly, she walked out that day and I was still stuck there all alone…


About a month later, hoomin came back to see me! Oh, and this time… She took me home with her!

She told me my sweet attitude had completely won her over, but she couldn’t take me straight away as she had nothing ready for me and wanted to do lots of ‘research’ (whatever that is?!) to make sure she could look after me properly… I told her how silly that was she should have taken me right away!! Someone else could have taken me!

Hoomin said it must have been fate that I was still there waiting for her πŸ™‚

Anyway, the rest is history. She took me home and I’ve been happy ever since (apart from those trips to the evil hoomins who give me injections! Hoomin says they are helping me but I don’t believe that for a second…)

I now live in my own shed with my best buddy, Hazel. She’s a big girl but she doesn’t scare me, she’s a softy really! Maybe she will introduce herself next?

I am allowed to run, hop and jump all over the garden. Hoomin also brings me inside for playtime but it’s very boring compared to outside so I prefer to stay out.

Thankyou for reading my story, I hope you liked it.

Please let me know what you think in the comments, or feel free to share my story if you like.

For more about me please visit our Instagram (@britishbunnies)


Barney ❀


4 thoughts on “BARNEY | Meet the Bunnies

  1. Aww I really love his story! And all the other bunnies stories! Love how you’ve written them, I read them in bunny voice!
    Lots of love- bluandrhu ((instagram)

    Liked by 1 person

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