FRANK | Meet the Bunnies

Hey, I’m Frank. The hoomins call me Frankiedoodle, Marshmallow, or Fluffy Butt also- but they’re extremely annoying and embarrassing so ignore them! They also call me ‘Lucifer’ sometimes- I don’t know why though as I’m a little angel…?

*(Hoomin interrupts to say Frank is definitely not an ‘angel’!)*

Okay, maybe I have a slight attitude.

I am still young but have had a pretty interesting life so far. I am also ‘adopted’ just like Barney and Hazel, but my story is prettyyyyy long so we’ll leave that for another time… I arrived at hoomins house when I was 3 months old so let’s go from there.

I was and still am absolutely gorgeously, handsome and ever so cute– even if I do say so myself. I mean, come one; deny it?! I didn’t think so….

Yes I know, heart breaker you don’t have to tell me. I am very choosey when it comes to bunny dating though. Hoomin says I met a total of SEVEN bunnies including Barney and Hazel before I eventually fell head over heels for the gorgeous Olive. She’s my only one true love until this day, as much as Hoomin would love for me to get on with Barney and Hazel too I’m just not interested!

 Hoomin says think I am a Hoomin?! Really, I just like the luxuries in life. You know, soft bed, sofa, watching the TV, central heating… chocolate

Ohhhh yes I have a sweet spot for chocolate- much to hoomins dismay I actually managed to get hold of some just before Christmas last year. It was delicious! For some reason Hoomin was so angry! (maybe because she was saving it for herself?). She took me to some strange place, not my usual vets, and I had to stay overnight and have all sorts of tests and treatments including fluids and charcoal… Eww!

She says it cost her over £600, I say she’s silly and shouldn’t have left it lying around on the table- of course I was going to jump on a box, onto the sofa, onto the table to get to it! Unfortunately Hoomin has been extra careful with the precious chocolate and I have never managed to get hold of any since… It’s still my lifelong mission 😈

Aside from chocolate, I don’t really like much. I am particularly fussy and only really eat dry forage, hay and pellets. Occasionally I will eat fresh fruit, vegetables or herbs but only if I am feeling grateful to Hoomin for being such a good bunny slave.

I am not very adventurous or active- I prefer to lounge around, get lots of fuss, watch the world go by and chew cardboard tunnels.

I do occasionally explore, and when I do I’m not afraid of ANYTHING! Except aeroplanes, they’re terrifying

Thanks for reading about me, please ask lots of questions, it makes Hoomin excited, she’s weird, I know

For more about me check out our Instagram @britishbunnies!


Frank ❤


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