HAZEL | Meet The Bunnies

Hello everyone, I’m Hazel. I’ll get the elephant out of the room: yes, I am a rather large rabbit. Hoomin tells me that she thinks I am a ‘Continental Giant rabbit’. 

I had a very sad start to life, I don’t want to go too much into detail as it upsets me. However I will say this much; I was bought for someone’s child and they were very rough with me. I accidentally bit them because I was so frightened, but luckily Hoomin saved me before things could get any worse…

Hoomin was told I was a ‘dwarf mini lop’ rabbit, which, looking at the photo above on the day she saved me, is believable. However within a couple of weeks I looked like this

There was nothing ‘dwarf‘ or ‘mini‘ about me!! I’m even bigger now, and weigh almost 8kgs!

I have always been a very shy rabbit, I don’t trust many people thanks to my hard start. Hoomin, however, is good. I like her. She brings me treats and plays with me and has never pulled my ears.

She is rather annoying though and does things like take me to the ‘vets’- how awful! She also embarrasses me by regularly weighing me- stupid Hoomin.

Hoomin says I am the smartest out of all of her rabbits- I agree. I move things to help me reach new areas, I put myself back to bed after playtime and am the first to figure out new toys or treats.

I am pretty chilled and you can normally find me flopped out somewhere.

If not, I’m exploring something as I’m particularly inquisitive and curious…

You met Barney in the last post, he’s my best buddy and the size difference isn’t a problem! He’s small and cute!

Thankyou for listening to my story, and if you have any questions please ask away, I’d be thrilled to answer them!

For more about me visit our Instagram, @britishbunnies!


Hazel. ❤


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