OLIVE | Meet the Bunnies

Oh, hi there! I’m Olive. πŸ™ƒ I’m a Lionhead cross bunny, Hoomin says I’m very ‘unique‘ looking apparently, she’s never seen another quite like me! 

I came into hoomins workplace (a vets!) as a tiny baby. I was much smaller than my brothers and sisters, very skinny and quite timid too.

Hoomin and the others there seperated me so I could be monitored daily and fed if needed. After about a month, I had put a small amount of weight on and didn’t have to be monitored daily, only weekly.

Hoomin missed seeing me and really enjoyed the times I came in. She asked if she could take me home and see if I wanted to be friends with Frank. She knew this was risky as she had tried SEVEN different bunny boys and girls with Frank before she took me home. I was so nervous to meet him… Gulp.

When I first met Frank he was pretty mean to me, he kept chasing me away and trying to bite me if I got close. I was so scared, but I didn’t get angry or fight back.

Hoomin didn’t give up because she knew we could be friends, I was much more patient than any  of the other bunnies she had tried. After a couple of days, Frank stopped being mean to me, but he completely ignored me… 😦

It took about a week before he suddenly realised I was alright, actually. Since then we have become good friends and are getting closer each day. We often share our dinner and sleep together. 

I crave attention, from people and bunnies alike, I am just too friendly for my own good. One day, I escaped because I wanted to meet Barney and Hazel. Sadly, Hazel attacked me because she was frightened that I had suddenly come into her house. Luckily Hoomin heard straight away, and although I had a nasty wound on my face which needed surgery, I was okay and have now fully recovered. 

I have met Barney and Hazel since then, but properly these times. They’re much kinder to me now but Hoomin doesn’t think we’re ready to live together yet- plus Frank is super grumpy and doesn’t like them at all at the moment!

I am very adventurous and love getting my nose into everything, this often gets me into trouble as you have already heard. I just can’t help it, I love exploring!

I have a great appetite, and now I weigh over 3kgs and I am still growing! I am very long/tall- Hoomin has no idea what I am crossed with but thinks it must be something quite big!

I like to try lots of new foods and will eat anything Hoomin offers me.

Hoomin says I am the craziest, funniest, most happy-go-lucky bunny she has ever met. I do like to binky and run bunny 500’s a lot…

Thanks for reading my story, id love to answer any questions you have about me?

To see more of me visit our Instagram: @britishbunnies.


Olive ❀


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